Why Iron Logistics?

Experience, Systems, Service: Welcome to Iron Logistics

The Iron Logistics management team is an alliance of professionals with decades of experience serving the manufacturing needs of companies with operations in Mexicali, Mexico. They currently head successful companies that work with every aspect of maquiladora operations from outsourced administrative services to customs inspection and compliance, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and more. They know, firsthand, that suppliers need a reliable local presence, and manufacturers need to keep production up and running.

That’s why Iron Logistics was created.

Iron Logistics is a full service warehousing provider with modern systems including a proprietary Vendor Managed Inventory system, providing online, real time visibility 24/7. This technology is combined with detailed understanding of customs, compliance, and tax issues necessary to prevent delays and benefit both the supplier and their customers. Moreover, we are dedicated to provide an outstanding customer service always making our customer needs a priority.

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Premier Service

The Iron Logistics team has built a reputation for providing premier service in their respective fields over the last several decades. Clients know that they can count on Iron Logistics experience, knowledge and professionalism to get the job done in whatever area of opportunity needed.

Industries Served

Iron Logistics supports supply chain needs from industries around the world including:

Medical Devices





Metal machining


Food and Beverage

Consumer products